young woman hugging her grandma

Dorothy Walters has been at PHH for a year after coming from another facility. Her family does not live in Girard and worried about the commute at first.

“My brother and I liked what we saw,” said Barbara Langley, Mrs. Walters’ daughter. “We decided we’d rather drive and have someplace we like.”

Mrs. Langley knows her mother is a challenging resident and laughs that “she doesn’t cooperate well” and said that’s even more credit to the PHH staff.

“I don’t think I’ve met a staff member I don’t like,” she said. “I couldn’t say that at the other place. Everybody seems to go out of their way to work with her. I couldn’t name just one Employee of the Month. They are all fantastic.”

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“You can tell there are people who love their job and it’s a job I could not do. There is a caring staff there,” said Dottie Dambacher, whose mother, Sue Ann Schuetz, has been at PHH for six years.

Mrs. Schuetz especially loves Pleasant Hill Healthcare’s Music and Memory Program, where residents spend time listening to music playlists tailored to their life experiences. The program operates under the theory that music can unlock the deepest memories.

Mrs. Dambacher remembers coming by and heard her mother had been dancing to the music on her iPod.

Although she is not as active as she used to be, Mrs. Schuetz used to “almost lead all the daily activities” at PHH, her daughter said.

The family chose PHH because Mrs. Schuetz was home by herself and there were some situations where she was unsafe at home. They chose PHH for the Girard location and have never regretted it.

“We had an 80th birthday celebration in one of the activity rooms (at PHR)” Mrs. Dambacher said. “They did such a good job getting her all dolled up. It is a close-knit family.”

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Frank Furbeck, who has a mother and a mother-in-law at Pleasant Hill Residence. His mother, Joan Sullivan, also went through RehabCare at Pleasant Hill Healthcare.

“We came for a tour and we were very impressed with the assisted living center. When you first talk about nursing home and assisted living, there is a ready-made idea implied. This changed our idea about assisted living. We are impressed with the staff, the rooms, and apartments – The whole package.”

“When the time comes, if we need to be at assisted living, this is a good place to be. We aren’t going to send our parents someplace we wouldn’t go.”

Mr. Furbeck praised the activities offered at both PHR and PHH. “There is no excuse for someone not to be involved.”

Mrs. Sullivan started her experience at PHV in the RehabCare department at PHH and she always wanted to move to the assisted living facility at PHR.

“She did physical therapy every day and they set goals for her to help her get over to assisted living. We were very pleased with the therapy department.”

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Bob Davis, is a resident of Pleasant Hill Residence. Recently, he stayed for a short time at Pleasant Hill Healthcare where he received RehabCare therapy services.

“Overall it’s been a really good experience. The people have been nice and helpful. I’ve been pulled up and put back together many times. The help is really good. I’m well-cared for.”

He has moved back to his apartment at Pleasant Hill Residence where he continues to receive physical therapy services from the same RehabCare staff members. Mr. Davis is not a big participant in activities and savors his independent lifestyle.

“I like the helpfulness and the friendliness. I have the freedom to do what I want to do.”

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“We’ve had very good experiences. There are very good people working there that are caring and really outgoing with the residents and try to interact with them and get them involved with activities. I haven’t had anything bad to say about it at all. We’d recommend Pleasant Hill.” – Mike Chosich, whose mother, Mary, has been a resident at Pleasant Hill Healthcare since December 2013.

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“I think it’s fantastic. I’ve been in places that I swore up and down I’d never send my mother to. I had an aunt in another nursing home that smelled so bad you couldn’t walk in there. Every experience I’ve ever had at Pleasant Hill, when I walked through the doors, I’ve thought ‘What a wonderful place this is.’

“I give them an ‘A’ for everything. I’ve seen the interaction between the staff and patients. I know how quickly they come if you call for them. It’s a wonderful place. We’re well-satisfied.” – June Mathias, whose mother, Ada Mason, has been at Pleasant Hill Healthcare for eight years.

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“We came in on an emergency basis. We had an appointment for a tour and my mother fell the day before and fractured her shoulder. Pleasant Hill conducted an emergency staffing and gave my mother a bed in the emergency wing. We’ve been forever grateful for that. It took a lot of stress off of our family at a time that was really difficult.

“I went home and cried the night we left her. I had a plan for her that didn’t include PHH. The staff has been wonderful in helping me through that. She is very happy there and it’s home to her now.” – Patti Kimmel, whose mother, Lois Tudor, has been at Pleasant Hill Healthcare since June 2014.

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“We took him to three or four different places. When we had a tour, we were made to feel very welcome. We were just really impressed with the people. We like how Lisa’s taken care of him and how Paulette has taken care of him.

“We can’t say enough good things about it. My dad loves it there. We love the care he’s getting and the attention he’s getting.” – Sandy Patrick, daughter of Bob Yard, who is in Assisted Living at Pleasant Hill Residence.

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“When my mom walked in, she turned and looked at my wife and said ‘There’s something really nice about the feel of this place.’ Since she’s been here, I ask her twice a week if they are taking care of her and it’s always ‘Yes.’ We’ve never been upset about anything.

“They take care of everybody and each time I am here, I witness the dedication of the staff. I am very comfortable, whether I’m in Springfield or anywhere else, knowing she’ll be taken care of properly,” – Charlie Williams, son of Evelyn Williams, who has been at Pleasant Hill Healthcare since 2013.

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