Music and Memory

Through a grant from the Illinois Pioneer Coalition and other donations, Pleasant Hill Healthcare has been able to offer Music and Memory therapy to a small number of residents on the Memory Lane unit.

Music therapy has been shown to help calm residents dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia, reduce the need for psychotropic medication, and has even been shown to help manage pain. Music is also believed to help unlock memories trapped by the ravages of Alzheimer’s.

PHH staff works with families to identify types of music or specific songs the resident enjoy and we load those on a personalized iPod. Residents then get to hear the music, both on a regular schedule, and as needed.

We are in need of volunteers to help download music and manage the devices. We are also in need of new or lightly used iPods or cash donations. If you would like to make a donation to the program, please contact Darrin Burnett at 217-627-2181 or If you have other questions about the program, please contact Cathy Vollmer at PHH.