Charitable Care

The Brethren Home of Girard, d/b/a Pleasant Hill Village is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. PHV is a charitable assisted living and independent living facility.

As part of our mission to provide compassionate, high-quality service, care and living facilities to its residents, PHV maintains a Financial Assistance policy.

In order to best allocate charitable resources, PHV requires residents seeking Financial Assistance to provide accurate and timely information and to complete a Financial Assistance Application on an annual basis.

This Financial Assistance program covers only services provided by PHV and does not include services provided by outside vendors, such as a physician. Residents seeking discounts or donations for such services should contact the outside vendor directly.

If you are in need of Financial Assistance, please contact Executive Director Paulette Miller at or 217-627-9502.

Charitable Care Application Form

Charitable Care Policy